At LeadPhysio, we are committed to offering top-notch level of physiotherapy sothat the patients are relieved & recovered from their pain and are empowered to enjoy a pain-free life.

In progressive countries, telerehabilitation and telemedicine are in the scenario for over 20 years.As the name suggests ‘tele’ refers to ‘over distance’ and ‘rehabilitation’ refers to treatment. Thus, the term ‘telerehabilitation’ refers to online treatment.

Initially, the telephone was used for communication. However, technological reforms and high-speed data connections coupled with web camera has facilitated seamless telerehabilitation, where detailed assessments can be performed seamlessly through the web along with providing complete guidance.Most of the conditions that are addressed in clinics can be easily treated using modern technologies.

Despite having a chain of Physiotherapy Clinics in multiple cities, the founders felt the need to connect to Patients who are in remote locations , patients depriving for quality treatment and global patients using digital technology. They combined their 20+ years of multifaceted experience in Healthcare and IT domain to build a platform that connects patients to the physiotherapists.

LeadPhysio was the inceptor of many initiatives in the Physiotherapy industry. They are the first to open Physiotherapy branches and brought the concept of franchisees. They even launched a youth empowerment program whereby aspiring physiotherapists are provided technical and managerial support so that they can practice with an esteemed organization.

Furthermore, they were the first to develop the first of its kind platform in India that facilitates online Physiotherapy. This will benefit patients who are deprived of quality treatment due to residing in remote locations. It will also benefit the Physiotherapists as they can practice from their preferred location.

However, it wasn’t a piece of cake to develop the platform. Converting the offline model to complete online model was a huge challenge.But, the determined and dedicated founders made this possible. The positive feedback from both the overseas and domestic patients along with extensive research evidence to support this model has inspired them further to turn this dream into a reality.

The benefits to the patient are:

  • Convenience and privacy of patient due to treatment at home.
  • Saving travel time to and fro a clinic.
  • Bringing experts to remotegeographical locations like rural areas.
  • Flexible clinic hours.
  • Excellent patient satisfaction.
  • More cost effective in some situations.
  • An additional channel to healthcare for people who otherwise would not have chosen to visit a physical clinic due to certain limitations.

The benefits to Physiotherapists

  • Increase patient reach.
  • Increased Job satisfaction.
  • Flexible working hours.
  • Better income.
  • Opportunity to treat varied conditions.
  • Quality and organized practice.
  • Opportunity to work right from home and being connected to the practice.
  • Work-life balance.
  • Focus on the core area of practice.
  • Connected to a global network and updated standards of practice.