Avoid Surgery through our Propitiatory Physiotherapy Treatment Approach designed by the India's Leading Physiotherapist " Dr. Priyanka Bhandagey "
5 Clinics, Over 40000 Patients, Surgery Avoided in over 90% , Legacy of 15 Yrs, Team of Qualified and Certified Physiotherapists
To be the Leader , Most preferred, Reliable and technology driven Online and Offline Physiotherapy service provider for patients and people living sedentary lifestyle who has potential to develop physical ailments by offering our proprietary treatment method, MBPA, designed by Dr.Priyanka to treat the root cause of the ailment, maintain good health and remain pain, medicine and a surgery free life.
Award Winner as "Best Healthcare Brand" by Economic Times for our Quality of Excellence ,by the hands of Minister of Health and Women Welfare - Govt of India
A structured and proprietary Physiotherapy treatment method at Prehab, Curative and Rehab stages designed by Dr.Priyanka ensure all our patients get a top-notch quality of condition care resulting in relief & recovery from their pain and are empowered to enjoy a pain-free life.
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Our Achievements

Best Healthcare Brand
of 2016

14 + Years
of experience

Planned Surgeries avoided
over 90% of the cases

40000 +
Satisfied Patients

500000 +
Successful Sessions

Our Services

Apart from the patient, who other than Physiotherapist , can understand you better. It can be so upsetting when your body is in pain and not functioning at its best. Every person, every body part and every Condition is different, so in a consultation, our therapists will completely tailor the advice and programs to your needs. Click on the fields below to learn more about the area of your body that is causing you concern. Let us create you the right program to have you out of pain and enjoying life again. Follow the pathway you need to get relieved, empowered and recovered.



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+91 9226573474 , +91 9545939911

Sports Injury

Sports Injury

+91 9226573474 , +91 9545939911

Paediatric Physiotherapy

Paediatric Physiotherapy

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Our Advantages

Vintage of 14+ Years

Vintage of 14+ Years (Presence Since 2004 at multiple locations)

Best Healthcare Brand

Awarded for its quality of excellence by Economic Times in 2016.

Treated 40000+ Patients

Experience of Successfully treated more than 40000+ Patients.

Treatment Approach

Unique treatment approach and Self manageable Physiotherapy exercises.

Surgeries Avoided

Surgeries avoided in over 90% of the cases.

Experienced Team

Passionate, Dedicated, Result oriented & Experience Team

Multi Mode Presence

Presence at Multiple locations through Clinic, Online mode & Home visit

Cost Saver Packages

Cost saver & Loyalty Packages.

High Ethical Values

High ethical values & deeply committed for welfare of community.

Clean Environment

Clean and hygienic environment at our physiotherapy clinic.

Clinical Care

Our physiotherapy clinic provides highest standards of Clinical care.


Collaboration with major Insurance companies.

No matter whether your condition was caused by a sport, work accident or otherwise, we welcome the chance to serve you.

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Previously I was diagnosed with Ankylosing spondylitis which was very painful from back to toe. It was affecting me professionally and personally as well. After joining Dr Priyanka’s lead Physio clinic, I became very positive and hopeful. After 45 sessions of treatment period,I am leading a pain free life. Physiotherapy treatment has improved my lifestyle too. I am very thankful to the Doctor for providing the excellent treatment. Thank you Dr. Chaitali
Mrs. Deepali Jadhav
Due to lack of guidance by the Surgeons post-surgery, I was not advised to take Physio sessions as I had undergone prostate gland cancer removal surgery. I came to Dr.Priyanka’s Lead Physio Clinic with severe herniation at my inguinal region and consulted Dr. Nupur Nandini. Initially I had an apprehension on the results. I happen to meet even Dr.Priyanka and Mr Kirronn during their visit to the Baner branch. All three of them gave me the confidence and assurance on the best results from their treatment. Initially with machine treatment, my herniation was completely gone and 80% of pain was reduced. Then with exercises I recovered completely and am glad to inform that I have again joined my profession. I really thank Dr. Nupur for her guidance and supervision and care she took entire my Physio session. I am perfectly alright now and advise people tocompulsorily gofor Physio sessions pre and post-surgery procedures.
Mr. Subba Rao
Since 1 year I was suffering from GB syndrome, due to this condition I was unable to perform my hand and feet activities properly. Before joining Dr. Priyanka’s Lead Physio Clinic, I was walking with the help of walker and I was unable to write and can’t even feed myself with my hands. I visited this clinic; I have taken a treatment of 3 and half month under the supervision of Dr. Sarita. Now my condition got significant improvement and now I can walk properly without any support. I am able to do writing, able to feed myself, able to drive my scooter and other functional activities. I want to thank Dr. Sarita and Dr. Priyanka’s Physiotherapy Clinic for their excellent Physiotherapy treatment.
Mr. Ajay Kale
When I started with the treatment I was 99 and half year old, that time I was having lot of muscular weakness and whole body stiffness. As my treatment progressed, I started finding the difference in my body. At the end of the treatment, that is after 6 months I was totally fine with good strength and proper balance and can walk without stick. Thank You Dr. Kaveri and Dr. Priyanka’s Lead Physio Clinic.
Major Vijaysingh D. Shirkae
When I came here I was suffering from severe knee pain. I was taking medicines since six months but when there was no recovery seen doctor prescribed me to go for physiotherapy treatment. In the starting of my treatment when I was taking machine treatment, 75% of my pain had reduced. But due to my hectic schedule there was on and off episodes of recurrence of pain. Then my Physio Dr.Megha prescribed me to wear knee support as I had to travel approx. 50 km. daily. After that, exercise treatment had started in which she had taken strength and balance training in a progressive manner. I am very thankful to Dr. Megha who always helped me and encouraged me so well. Now I am perfectly fine. Thank you so much. I had a very good experience and learned a lot of things.
Ms. Adamya Uniyal
First of all I would like to say a big thank you to Dr.Sonal and Dr. Shreya. I was suffering from Neck pain and low back pain. I consulted here for neck and low back pain. During the entire sessions of physiotherapy treatment, I understood about my body better and about the common mistakes we do in sitting and standing posture. I feel much better now and I have decided to continue exercises even after discharge.
Mrs. Vidya Dilip
When I joined for my lower back pain, I was sure that this time as well this physiotherapy centre is going to help me cure the root cause of my pain. Staff is very supportive and helps in every way. They can relieve us from our pain and regain functional limitations. This is my second timehere for a different problem. I am highly satisfied each time. Hope I don’t come here again for pain. Thank you.
Mr. Yashpal Singh

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